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Blue Ivy Makes An Appearance Sporting Kinks n Curls

Blue Ivy stepped out with her dad, Jay-Z for some daddy daughter time at Game five of the NBA Finals.  Blue looked so fly in her leather jacket and brown skin girl t-shirt.   Blue's appearance comes just as Saucy Santana's old tweets resurfaced where he referred to the young baby's hair in a negative light.   Blue is setting an example for other little young brown skin girls worldwide and her message is loud and clear: She loves to rock kinks and curls and you should too!  Look at the proud dad. Blue is looking so much like her mom with this hairstyle. She is totally Beyonce's daughter!! She looked confident, proud and at one moment, as her father's placed an arm around her while smiling, it seems like she said "stop, my hair!" Alright now, she's serious about her kinks n curls and we absolutely love that for her! She's so cute and is growing up so fast!
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Saucy Santana Comes for Baby Blue Ivy and Beyonce and the Beyhive is NOT having it!

Saucy Santana’s old tweets about Beyonce and Blue Ivy magically re-appeared last week just as he released his “Crazy in Love” sampled track titled “Booty.”  One of the tweets, which was four years old, criticized Beyonce during her pregnancy.  A person tweeted that Beyonce was glowing and Santana responded, “she look dry to me.” The most horrible statement of the old tweets was when Santana compared Blue Ivy to North West and horridly called Blue’s hair nappy. The tweet dated, Sept 17, 2014, said, “I just wanna be Blue Ivy (insert laughing emojis) nappy headed….”  A second tweet came a month later and Saucy Santana was bold in saying, “I’m sorry but North West clears Blue Ivy.  Have several carseats Blue.” Saucy Santana’s tweets are a class A example why many women in the Black community are hesitant to embrace who they are.  These are the types of statements that become ingrained in little black girls minds which lead them to think that they and their Afrocentric features are less tha

Jada is Not Too Proud of Her Bald Head After All and It’s Completely Okay…

An incident happened at the Oscars Ceremony this past Sunday and it was due to a joke that Chris Rock made about Jada Pinkett.  Rock compared Jada’s shaved head to the fierce and femme warrior, GI Jane, who sports a shaved head in the original movie starring Demi Moore.  The joke was offensive on two different levels. The first reason why it was insensitive is because he chose to compare a woman who struggles with a condition called Alopecia to GI JANE.   Alopecia is a condition where an individual’s immune system attacks the hair follicles and results in hair loss or bald patches. There are various forms of alopecia including traction alopecia, scarring alopecia, Chemo induced alopecia and alopecia areata. Many individuals were not aware that Jada suffers from Alopecia and it is not her actual desire to wear a shaved head.   The second reason the joke was offensive (which no one is really talking about) is that the original 1997 film GI Jane did not do well at the box office and demi

Essence Wigs Jewelry Collection

Essence Wigs Jewelry Is Here 😁 This collection has been in motion for some time.   Some of you have reached out over the last few years to inquire about jewelry pieces on our mannequins and have wanted to purchase them.  EW founder has loved jewelry since forever and started designing and creating pieces several years ago.  An Ndebele style cuff was the first piece of jewelry that was listed for sale in the shop and it was always a plan to put together a collection with unique, enticing and culturally focused pieces.  And so folks-- it's finally here: The Bohemian Elegance Collection! We’re excited to introduce a few pieces from our first jewelry collection.    This collection is inspired by the ocean, beach and ancient African culture.  It includes pieces made with cowrie shells, pearls and rhinestones with a dash of elegance.  We definitely use the word bohemian quite a bit for some of our products so let's just explain what it means to be "bohemian." Bohemian embr

What's with the Afro Obsession at Halloween?

Afros have been the hairstyle of choice for black women dressing up in costume for Halloween.  Every year, both celebs and non-celebs flock to the almighty fro as a final touch for their Halloween costume.   Now she styled this right! We stan an afro barbie alright! What’s the obsession of wearing an afro during Halloween?   Many black women who choose to wear an afro during Halloween are usually not typical wearers of kinky or afro hair and they aren’t usually seen sporting afro textured hair on a regular basis.  It’s possible that women who wear afros during Halloween may not be as comfortable wearing afro texture during daily life and see it as a chance to release their inner tigress.   Throughout history, afro and black hair have sometimes been considered taboo and other times—wild and animalistic! A black woman getting dressed up as an animalistic character during Halloween, will likely choose to sport an afro.    The decade of the 70s is also a popular time period that the black

Afros are Elegant: They're Taking Over Red Carpets!

Afros have really made a comeback since the 1970s.  They're no longer only seen as a prop to complement a Halloween outfit (btw, halloween is in 3 weeks. Place your order by the end of this week to ensure that you receive it in time).   At one time, wearing an afro was taboo but thanks to the natural hair movement, individuals have learned to reclaim the beauty that was always there.  Around the mid to late 2000s, women began discovering their natural hair and falling in love with it.  During this time natural hair vloggers set the stage for millions more around the world to understand what it meant to be a natural. Fast forward to 2021 and you will see at least one or two afros being sported on a Hollywood red carpet or on a model cat walking down runways of New York and Paris.  At one point, afros would never have been a chosen style for a red carpet look but times have changed and design houses are making it a point to showcase beautiful big afros with their designs.   Whitney P

Remembering Mr. Paul Huntley, Hair & Wig Extraordinaire

Paul Huntley passed away on July 9th, 2021 in his hometown of London, England a few days after his 88th birthday. Once referring to wig making as an "intimate collaboration,"  Paul's work spans decades and his wigs have been featured in numerous Broadway Shows including Cats , A Bronx Tale , Hairspray , Mamma Mia , Tootsie , and Rodger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella .    He made his Broadway debut as a hair and wig designer in 1973 for the show, Uncle Vanya. Mr. Huntley developed a love for the glamour world at a tender age when he'd indulge in his mother's magazines after seeing the creativity of others on display. In an interview with Play Bill, he spoke about an instance where he was captivated by a makeup look that was done on Agnes Moorehead.   "My mother was an avid movie buff.  She always had magazines, and she would let me look at them. I must have been six or seven, and I saw an article about the make-up people in the studios. It showed the