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Remembering Mr. Paul Huntley, Hair & Wig Extraordinaire

Paul Huntley passed away on July 9th, 2021 in his hometown of London, England a few days after his 88th birthday. Once referring to wig making as an "intimate collaboration,"  Paul's work spans decades and his wigs have been featured in numerous Broadway Shows including Cats , A Bronx Tale , Hairspray , Mamma Mia , Tootsie , and Rodger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella .    He made his Broadway debut as a hair and wig designer in 1973 for the show, Uncle Vanya. Mr. Huntley developed a love for the glamour world at a tender age when he'd indulge in his mother's magazines after seeing the creativity of others on display. In an interview with Play Bill, he spoke about an instance where he was captivated by a makeup look that was done on Agnes Moorehead.   "My mother was an avid movie buff.  She always had magazines, and she would let me look at them. I must have been six or seven, and I saw an article about the make-up people in the studios. It showed the
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Sha'carri Richardson Sports her Afro and It's Fye....

  Sha’carri Richardson showed off her afro on her social media page.   She’s normally seen in bright colored long wigs with her most recent being an orange, shocking yellow mixup.   She took to instagram and came on wearing a medium length face-framing afro. She's urging folks to "come deal with this."        She looks fantastic in her fro!!!! No one was probably expecting to see this considering that she’s always in some sort of straight hair getup.   Women should embrace their natural beauty; the beauty they were born with. it's good to see sha'carri do so. Coily kinks look extremely beautiful on black women and sha’carri’s natural hair only accentuated her beauty.         Who else thinks that this should be a signature look on Ms. Sha’carri!   How bold and beautiful of a statement would that be if everyone saw Sha’carri sporting her afro at her future track events.   Track stars should have a signature look and for a minute, people were

6 Summer Worthy Essence Wigs

  Essence Wigs Clan…summer is fast approaching and you know what that means! Pools, fun in the sun and beautiful sun bronzed tans. Maybe you don’t have any plans for the summer and prefer keeping it cool under the huzzing sound of your AC! Better yet, you could be focused on getting that summer body right and tight. No matter what your plans are for summer 2021, we know that you want all aspects looking right and tight including your hair!   Essence Wigs has got cha covered!   Here are six summer worthy Essence Wigs that you’ll enjoy sporting through the upcoming summer season!     1.)   Galactic Curls 100% Human Hair Lace front Wig: She’s giving super long length and a lotta body, yet still very lightweight.   The perfect unit to brace the summer heat.         2.)   100% Ethiopian Human Hair Afro Lace front: She looks sweet and cute but don’t be fooled, she’s the daring fro that’ll look bomb while you lay back in your bikini watching the ocean waves.    

Serena Williams Appears Several Shades Lighter in a Post to Promote Stuart Weitzman

Serena Williams posted a photo as a brand ambassador for Stuart Weitzman, the designer shoe brand. There was an outward feature that was very noticeably different.  In the photo, Serena was seen sitting down in a black sweatshirt with a ‘5’ graphic with a pair of red Stuart Weitzman heels.   ` Social media unleashed on Serena and various accounts began posting shock memes.  Mediumsizemeech on Instagram stated: @sips_with_ree said “The f#@ y’all do to Serena.  Change it back right g$#%$ now.”  Serena has always been a radiant dark brown tone so it’s understandable why many were expressing their concern and wondering whether Serena intentionally lightened her skin.   Sometimes sunlight can make a person appear lighter than they are depending on the angle that the photo is taken.  If Serena is lightening her skin, it’s not anyone’s business but people still want to know why.   She’s always been seen in her photos with darker toned skin so a photo where she appears much lighter would defin

Baby Hair Crazy?!

Wigs provide an abundance of options for individuals to sport a variety of styles that they may not originally be able to do with their own hair.  With all of the different types of wigs available the hair industry, it can be hard to choose between wig types such as an HD lace front or a crochet style wig.  Then there is the pervasive question that some wig wearers may have: “Should I wear this wig with baby hair?”   What’s with the baby hair craze that is currently going on? The baby hair trend was extremely popular in the early 90s and it made a comeback in the late 2010s. The name came from the look of an actual baby's hair or how a baby's hair looks as a new born. The thin hair that appear at the scalp line which are actually signals of the baby's hair that has yet to grow in. While the trend does appear to be simmering down these days, one question still remains: Does leaving baby hair out on your wig really make a difference?  Some feel that wigs which feature baby ha

Why Victoria Monet is the Next Big Thing!!

Victoria Monet is an underrated superstar and she is a big deal! Can we say BIG FRIGGIN DEAL?! Victoria is in a class of her own! As a QUADRUPLE threat, she writes, produces, sings and dances.  You'll know when this lady is speaking as she has a signature soft-spoken speaking voice that beckons all who listens.  The first record I had ever heard from Monet was a blissful R&B track from her 'Nightmares and Lullabies' album that was uploaded to Soundcloud sometime around 2012 and it's been musical love ever since! YOU CAN LISTEN TO THAT TRACK BELOW. Victoria Monet is the songstress-writer who's written for heavy hitters like Ariana Grande (Thank U, Next, 7 Rings), Brandy Norwood (Rather be), Nas (You Wouldn't Understand) and Diddy. When speaking to Variety about the mood in the room the night the chart topping song was written, she said:  “It was a big mix of emotions, a lot of things were happening. [For one, she was still healing. Two, she was trying to expr

Five Gray Essence Wigs that You Must Get!

  Gray wigs are a very popular color at Essence Wigs. We are happy to provide you numerous gray wig options from kinky to curly to afro styles. Gray wigs are not only loved by mature women, they are also a fave amongst younger women. Everybody loves gray! What's so special about gray hair? Well for starters, it the perfect shade to choose when you desire some color but don't want to opt for bolder or brighter colors. We've listened and have heard you when you contacted us to carry more gray wigs. Whether you're looking for a salt n pepper shade of gray or a muted platinum gray, Essence Wigs will come through for you. Here are five GRAY Essence Wigs that you have to have! 1.) Essence Wigs Big Gray Kinky Curly Wig $148.00 : If you love BIG voluminous hair, this gray wig is our most popular. It is now available in light salt n pepper gray.  The ringlets of this wig offer the best of both worlds: KINKS and CURLS!!  2.) Essence Wigs Salt n Pepper Gray Twist Out Wig $189 b