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Pandemic Global Lace Shortage? Why Lace doesn't Really Matter..

Living in a pandemic is not easy for most people. Covid-19 has literally turned the world upside down and countries are seeing shortages--from food to supplies to hair to You Name it! If you're active on social media, you may have seen some individuals complaining or making statements about the lack of lace. Is this talk full of fluff or is it the real deal ?! Is a lace shortage really upon us.  A global lace shortage has been in effect due to the pandemic and this is because lace factories have slowed production.  Lace is usually produced in countries such as Switzerland, France and Italy.  Factories in these countries have decided to cease production until the first quarter of 2021. The shortage may have been more readily apparent last year and you may have seen slight increases in pricing of certain lace wigs due to the lack of global supply. You may have also seen more wigs being sold with headbands (which btw, we are not very fond of)!     Here at Essence Wigs, we specialize i