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Should You Glue Your Wigs Down?

The quick answer is NO! Using hair glue and adhesives can be hazardous to your scalp with prolonged usage.  We don’t recommend the use of glues on the hair. The Gorilla Glue lady is one of the most famous examples of what happens when you use glue to adhere wigs.  The end result is that it will also stick to the hair and may end up being hard to remove when it is dried. The adhesive or glue may provide a strong hold but your edges or hair may end up suffering in the long run. As easy as it is to lay a hold with the glue, your real hair can get caught in the glue mixture.   there are wig adhesive removers but these contain a cocktail of chemicals.  wig adhesives contain a cocktail of chemicals (Acrylamides, hydroflourocarbons), which can be harmful to the skin, body and environment.  Use of these ingredients contributes greatly to global warming.  Not only that, many hair and wig glues have fumes that should not be inhaled over a prolonged period of time.   Here at Essence Wigs, we reco

How to Remove Gorilla Glue From Hair

The woman who sprayed gorilla glue in her hair has become an internet sensation.  Who ever thought that a ponytail purposely slicked back with an aerosol glue spray would  command such attention from a global audience? Did Tessica Brown, of Louisiana know that she would receive this amount of attention when she grabbed her can of Gorilla Glue and sprayed it on her scalp and hair. There are a lot of questions surrounding Tessica’s Gorilla glue experience. For instance, why aren’t Tessica’s hands binded to her hair as well?  When she used the Gorilla glue spray, she would have smoothed or patted the glue over her hair with her hands or even a brush.  If this were to be the case, her hands or a brush would be stuck to her head and hair as Gorilla glue is a strong binding aerosol agent.   Tessica stated that she would normally use Got 2 be glue but she ran out of it and opted for the Gorilla glue. In the time since she announced her situation on social media, she’s received an overwhelming